From The Chair

Thank you for visiting the Georgia Tech School of Interactive Computing (IC)! We, at IC, redefine the human experience of computing.

The School of IC is one of the nation's leading schools focused on solving real-world challenges through computational capabilities that empower people and machines to affect the world. IC’s mission is to improve the quality of life in society through innovations in technologies that enable seamless interaction between computing/computational devices and their human counterparts. We excel and make advances in all things related to the interactive side of computing – from artificial intelligence and machine learning to human-centered computing and computing education to robotics and computational perception and everything in-between. Our School’s hallmark is in developing novel techniques that focus the power of computing to address the world’s unique, diverse, and varied needs. Through close collaborations with industry leaders, national labs, and startups, we also bring an understanding to businesses of what is essential for progress in the domain of computing.

Our School has taken the initiative in creating new, more effective techniques and practices for computing education. We are creating a new type of scholar, well-versed in the theoretical foundations of computing while also embedding the human condition as an indispensable component of that training.

As emerging technologies pervade our lives, the students and faculty in IC are passionate in working together; to study, enrich, invent and create novel interactive computing technologies – so that it augments people’s abilities to communicate, work, play, socialize, and heal.

The energy is tangible here, and our passion is contagious – I hope you have the opportunity to visit with us, and become part of our global, inclusive, and growing community!

Ayanna Howard, Ph.D.

School Chair for Interactive Computing

Professor and Linda J. and Mark C. Smith Chair