New Open-source Tool Gives Cybersecurity Pros an Integrated Approach to Combat Malware

Developed at Georgia Tech, ‘Forecast’ helps investigators stop an ongoing cyberattack by predicting what malware will do next and ranking the greatest threats.

School of Computer Science Now Has Eight IEEE Fellows

School of Computer Science Professors Wenke Lee and Alessandro Orso have been named IEEE fellows.

Team at Pindrop receives ‘Test of Time’ Award at ACM CCS 2020

A Georgia Tech a faculty member and an alumnus are being honored with a Test of Time Award.

New Grant Helps Researchers Bring Cybersecurity into the Physical World

A new project out of Georgia Tech’s School of Interactive Computing (IC) aims to connect the abstract world of cybersecurity and privacy with concrete physical environments to promote better security behavior.

Georgia Tech’s Secure and Safe Elections Research Group to Provide Live Wait Times to Fulton County Voters on Election Day

One of the early efforts of the group is to measure and report live wait times to voters at the 250 polling locations in Fulton County on election day, Nov. 3. The website will go live that day and allow users to search for a location.

Virtual Assistant Stops Robocalls

Georgia Tech researchers developed a virtual assistant that screens calls to block 97 percent of scammers.

New Tool Brings Fuzzing Approach to Memory System Security

Unlike other heap exploitation techniques that require considerable effort from the researcher, ArcHeap can autonomously explore the system.

School of Computer Science Professor Wins Award for Influential Cryptography Research

Professor Alexandra Boldyreva has won a Test of Time Award from the International Conference on Practice and Theory in Public Key Cryptography (PKC) for her work on new multi-user digital signatures.

Researchers Use Machine Learning to Fight COVID-19 Disinformation

To ensure Americans can find the most accurate information, College of Computing researchers are creating machine-learning (ML) and data science tools to help fact-checkers be more efficient.


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