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Banning Words on Instagram Doesn’t Help – It Makes It Worse

The pro-eating disorder community outsmarted Instagram censors in order to continue sharing content.

The Grey H@ts Are Coming

New advisor prepares the next generation of 'grey hats' to protect against cybercriminals.

People in Food Deserts Eat Much Differently than the Rest of America

A social media study uncovers what people eat, depending on their proximity to grocery stores.

Georgia Tech Discovers How Mobile Ads Leak Personal Data

School of Computer Science researchers find that personalized in-app ads can leak sensitive profile information between developers and ad networks.

How Celebrity Suicides Change Support-Seeking Practices on Social Media

Following celebrity suicides, Redditors show expressions that indicate increased and explicit suicidal tendencies.

Georgia Tech Uses Artificial Intelligence to Crowdsource Interactive Fiction

Georgia Institute of Technology researchers have developed a new artificially intelligent system that crowdsources plots for interactive stories, which are popular in video games and let players choose different branching story options.

Georgia Tech Finds 11 Security Flaws in Popular Internet Browsers Using New Analysis Method

Researchers from the College of Computing discovered previously unknown browser security flaws, and were honored with the Internet Defense Prize by Facebook and USENIX on Aug. 12 in Washington, D.C.

Animation Research Moves Forward, One Wardrobe at a Time

The goal of new animation technology is to allow robots to assist humans.


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