Robotics Professor Seeks to Revolutionize Heart Surgery Through NIH Grant

Georgia Tech and Harvard Researchers are collaborating on a a three-year study of how robotics can improve and minimize the risks of open-heart surgery.

New Framework for Cooperative Bots Mimics High-Functioning Human Teams, Decreases Risks from Unreliable Bots

A Georgia Tech research group in the School of Interactive Computing has developed a robotics system that exceeds existing standards for collaborative bots that work independently to achieve a shared goal.

This Robot Learned Table Tennis. The Approach Could Be a Game Changer for Future Robot Assistants

Humans aren't experts at everything, but they'd still like their robot assistants to perform better than they can. This novel training method does just that.

Assistant Professor Earns 2020 Salesforce AI Research Grant

Yang’s research, which is being led by her Ph.D. student Jiaao Chen, aims to alleviate dependence of supervised models on labeled data via data augmentation approaches.

Georgia Tech Research Highlights Premier Artificial Intelligence Conference

Eighteen members of the Georgia Tech community contributed to eight papers that will be presented virtually at AAAI 2021, while two longtime contributors will join the ranks of the prestigious AAAI Fellows program.

IC Professors Howard, Goel Named 2021 AAAI Fellows

The AAAI Fellows program recognizes individuals who have made significant, sustained contributions to the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

Sehoon Ha Part of $500k Grant to Make Safer, More Deployable Robots

Researchers at Georgia Tech, in collaboration with UCLA and the University of Southern California, are working to develop a new class of locomotion systems that could enable buoyancy-assisted robots to become a larger part of our daily lives.

Welcome New IC Faculty: Seven Join School from Variety of Research Areas

Take a quick glance at the new research coming to the School of Interactive Computing in 2020.

New AI Method Lets Robots Get By With a Little Help From Their Friends

A new low-bandwidth approach lets robots working as a team share information to complete a common task.


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