What Machine Learning Will Change (Hint: Everything)

Today, computer algorithms poring over vast datasets can derive predictions or models from that data—all on their own. The “programming” paradigm has been upended. Welcome to the Machine Learning Revolution.

Climbing Stairs Just Got Easier with Energy-Recycling Steps

Energy-recycling stairs developed to store a user’s energy during descent and return energy to the climber during ascent.

New Autonomous Monitoring Approach Gives Farmers Detailed 4D Look at Crops

Georgia Tech Researchers have developed a new method for connecting a series of 3D reconstructions in to 4D model.

Autonomous Driving Research Collaboration gets a Boost from Qualcomm

A team of researchers from the Schools of Aerospace Engineering and Interactive Computing has received a $100K grant to further its work on autonomous driving

Georgia Tech Among Top Participating Institutions at ICRA 2017

Georgia Tech’s participation at ICRA 2017 is among the top ten of all institutions represented at ICRA 2017.

Controlling a Robot is Now as Simple as Point and Click

New technique allows users to control a remote robot by pointing and clicking on a screen.

Autism and Computing

Autism research in computing runs the gamut from helping clinicians diagnose and manage the disorder to informing research in artificial intelligence.

RoboJackets Providing Opportunity for Both Competition and Outreach

The RoboJackets are a five-team robotics organization with membership over 200 at Georgia Tech.

Vivian Chu Working to Provide Robots Basic Building Blocks for Cognition

As National Robotics Week is set to begin, one of Georgia Tech's Ph.D. students is helping teach robots vital reasoning skills.


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