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Georgia Tech faculty conceived the discipline of “interactive computing” to examine the impacts computation and computing-mediated interactions have on everyday life, from the “big issues” such as health care and national security, to the activities in which all of us engage, including children playing video games, adults keeping in touch with elderly parents, and professionals using computers as tools in the workplace.

Specifically, our research concentrates on several distinct areas, which together form a rich, panoramic view of the myriad ways computing and computational devices interact with their human creators and users.

We invite you to learn more about our work in these areas, as well as the labs and organizations in which our faculty and staff explore them every day.

School of Interactive Computing research areas focus on the intersection between human and machine, from robotics and artificial intelligence to graphics and animation to computing education and social computing, as well as several others.

Our major research centers seek to marshal the GT Computing forces of inquiry. Though based in the College of Computing, each center reaches across Georgia Tech in its membership.

Every day in labs scattered throughout the School of Interactive Computing, faculty and students work hand in hand to enhance the connection between people and the technologies that help expand our world.