Admissions & Financial Aid

Georgia Institute of Technology and the College of Computing admit students based on a comprehensive evaluation of each applicant’s achievements, aptitude and potential for growth.



Financial aid provides support for students to help meet the costs of obtaining a Georgia Tech education. There are numerous ways you can receive financial aid, including:

  • Scholarships & Grants
    Also known as “gift aid,” and include federal, state, institutional and private aid. Funds come from several sources:
    • Federal (Pell grant, SEOG)
    • State (HOPE/Zell Miller scholarship)
    • Institutional
    • Private
  • Work & Loans
    Known as “self-help aid,” this is provided by federal work-study programs and educational loans. Funds include the Federal Work Study Program and Education Loans.
  • Research Assistantships 

PhD students receive tuition and a stipend from participating in government-funded research grants.